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The Rules

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 02:32 PM

1. Be nice. Disagreements are going to happen. But be civil about them. Whenever you are in a heated debate, remember to debate the ideas, NOT slander the person who espoused them.
2. One username. Period. If you are caught using duplicate names, you will be banned and your accounts deleted. Also, make sure your username isn't something profane. 
3. Post in the correct forums, and keep your posts as on topic as possible. Off topic posts may be deleted. Off topic threads will be moved.
Guidelines for posting in the Marketplace can be found here: http://www.littlerub...showtopic=23382


4. Try to use decent punctuation and spelling. No one is really anal retentive about typos and imperfect punctuation or sentence structure. At the same time you are not text messaging here so stuff like "i was wtcing kin and i saw it wuz reel coool !1!1!!" is just a pain to read so don't do it. Also be respectful of the members here that aren't fluent in english. For lots of members english is a second or even third language and that is perfectly acceptable. 
5. Respect the Moderators. While they are not the gods of this forum, they are here to help keep things in line, and as such, if they ask you to make a change to your profile or posting habits, do it. If you believe that they are abusing their powers, PM Jkaris and he will assess the situation.
6.  Don't be a troll. Trolling is defined as posting with the intent of enraging or inciting others, or starting a fight. Or general intent to disrupt the board members, or the board as a whole. We cannot judge your intentions, but we can judge your content.  Unnecessarily obscene or provocative material, blatantly mocking or "flaming" another member, or posting leading questions that constantly start arguments will be junked. Trolling on a consistent basis will be dealt with harshly.
7. If you personally threaten someone, you will be banned. No exceptions. So before you tell someone that you are going to meet up with them and kick their ass, you might want to think twice. Arguments are occasionally expected, threats are not.
8. This board is and will always be PG-13 (well okay, maybe rated R sometimes) and do remember, before posting anything, ask yourself if it is appropriate for a 10 year old kid. No gratuitously sexual pictures of any kind will be allowed. Please avoid posting anything that could be considered universally offensive. If you are just trying to gross someone out then do it with an e-mail or PM rather then subject the entire board to it.
9. Please feel free to ask any member of staff any questions that you have which are not covered by the Rules or FAQ sections. You can see the staff member names in the welcome section clearly by the titles under their usernames. Either council members or admins should be PMed. Also at the bottom of the board the names any staff member currently browsing will be in purple or red so if you need a quick answer try contacting someone who is actually on the board at the time.


10. If you choose to participate is the longstanding Forever Yes board contest you are agreeing to ship to whoever wins regardless of who they are or where they live. Many of our members live in different countries around the world including staff members(who have all held their own contests more then once)so excluding anyone is simply not allowed. If you don't want to ship outside of your own country then do not enter the contest.

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