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Songlations for Kinnikuman themes

music traslation

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Posted 18 October 2020 - 12:33 AM

Long time no talk.

Years ago, I'd hang out here and draw stuff and make lots of jokes. I also had a huge interest in the PS2 fighting games.

But time went on, and I mostly became a lurker.

In truth: I'm actually the voiceover artist and gamer, akiTONE. And a long time I go, I also used to translate and sing stuff. Some of my oldest projects are Kinnikuman-based, and I'm mostly happy with how they turned out.

When I translate music I'm not the most literal, so sorry in advance for folks wanting super straight translations (which I'd be more than happy to provide). Instead, these are singable adaptations of each song, which I hope you'll enjoy. I'm sharing these with y'all, because I know y'all are also super passionate about Kinnikuman too.

In fact, you folks will be the first to get to read my adaptation for Zudadan! Kinnikuman. Thanks for being rad over the years, LRG.

Kinnikuman! Go Fight!/Muscleman! Go Fight!


Inside the ring

moving fast as lightning
Burning brightly
is our hero

Blasting bad guys

with his trusty muscle beam

surely a sure

shot for success!

There's no one as (clumsy)
mighty (in his dreams)

Hustling (stumbling)
towards injustice (fumbling)

If there is no love
to be found within your heart
then a superhero
you're not!

Oh Muscleman
Go fight!


Honoo no Kinnikuman/Red Hot Muscleman


m-u-s-c-l-e muscle!
m-u-s-c-l-e muscle!
3-2-1 fire!
in my chest blazes a heat so hot it melts the mat
the fight i fight today, is not like any other day's
if i should fall at the hands of one of those evil guys
we can all go and kiss the future goodbye
with a supporting glance from all of my friends
even if i fall even if i get hurt i'll can still muscle my way through
kick! even if you break rules
jump! bring it on you bad guys
'cause all the fun and games are over just like you
attack! in the last seconds of the match
fire! I can still turn it around
i am the burning red hot muscleman



Zudadan! Kinnikuman/Wuwawham! Muscleman


Power Up!
Whuwhawham! (Whuwhawham!)
Whuwhawham! (Whuwhawham!)
Raging through the ring a storm comes rolling in
Bubabam! (Bubabam!)
Bubabam! (Bubabam!)
In the wake a hero appears on the scene
In my right hand bravery glows
Inside my left hand tears overflow
Holding on to love in my heart
A love we'll never let go
Heat up and fight! Oh! Fight! Oh!
No one can stop us
jump & kick
No matter the peril
I'll be in your corner
That's what friends are for
Burn on and fight! Oh! Fight! Oh!
Muscle Power let's go go go
Even if I'll burn out
like a star in space
My justice will burn on 'til the end

... for the curious, I do perform these myself. Honoo and Go Fight are available on my channel somewhere. Zudadan is going to take some time as there's no proper instrumental, but I'd really like to sing it for everyone sometime.

Again, I hope you enjoy, keep rocking LRG.

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Posted 21 August 2021 - 03:53 PM

Thank you! Always good to know what they're actually saying

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