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What do you like best about your line?

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#1 Unyaro


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Posted 22 December 2016 - 11:24 AM

So I've talked to a few people about different lines of toys they collect and compared them to what I collect. Now I think most can agree nostalgia is #1 for why most of us collect but im curious what caught your eye to that particular line vs others? Did you like the size? Designs? Colors? Transparency? The eraser look? The game you may have played with them? etc etc etc. 


Ill start by saying my first line was Fistful of aliens, I love aliens of any kind and I really liked the designs but the #1 reason I think I started with them when I was young was the fact they had a single hidden guy. You could see a few of the common guys but they had that 1 figure stored away in a box in the package that you couldn't see unless you opened it. It always drove me nuts and I would rip open the packages (i cringed now thinking of my destructive self). As i start collecting now I would say the #1 thing today that draws me to a line is a cool type of color, mostly cool transparency colors (hence why i began collecting Fistful of Power as well). I also do not like to collect anything you wouldn't classify as a "mini" or anything under the 2.5 inch range i would guess (other than stuff I had when I was a kid that holds that nostalgic feel).



So let me know what your favorite line is and why you like it so much!

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#2 fkro6784


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Posted 22 December 2016 - 11:56 AM

Several come to mind for me, I can't pick just one favorite. Overall I tend to go for lines that are monochromatic and have a monster/fantasy theme. 


Monster in My Pocket - Obsessed with these from the minute I saw them in TRU as a 6 year old. I already had other minis like Diener, MUSCLE and Weird Ball Wrestlers and they were my favorite kind of toy, plus I was always into mythology/monsters. So put the two together and there couldn't have been a more appealing toy line for me.


MUSCLE - Because it was probably the first mini figure line I was exposed to in the '80s as my older brothers had a bunch and I remember getting a bunch of the assorted color packs/cans in the store. Also, I found the sculpts so weird, especially since I had no concept of the Kinnikuman connection so the characters just seemed so random/bizarre with no explanation--which I liked!


Diener Space Creatures / Raiders - Some of the first minis I ever got and always loved the designs. I remember getting the Space Creatures in the Walgreens stationery aisle and strangely enough, some of the Space Raiders in kids meals at cafe in K-Mart of all places. BRAK from the Space Raiders was my first ever favorite mini figure.


Neclos Fortress - Became obsessed with these in about 2011 after learning about them here. Love the fantasy theme, sculpts, material, and huge number of different figures to collect - basically, everything about them. 


Horrors N Heroes - Again, love the mythology theme and the sculpts. Plus, I love the metallic/pearl color palette and the plastic used is really nice. The fact that they are a challenge to hunt down also makes them seem more special. 


Dragons N Monsters (Arco) - Love the concept of little fantasy monsters you can store in a little plastic castle -- so simple but so so cool. Another toy line I was familiar with for as long as I can remember as my older brothers had them. As a kid I didn't know they were copied from D&D monsters so I just loved the weirdness and randomness of the sculpts.

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#3 WendyW


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Posted 22 December 2016 - 05:05 PM

Mine's got to be Mini Boglins. Out of all the collections I sold as a teenager that's the one I regret getting rid of the most. I just find them so incredibly fun. There's so much humour and character to those little guys.

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#4 UraHameshi


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Posted 28 December 2016 - 04:24 PM

SLUG Zombies: I enjoy anything Zombie related, but these figures got my heart mainly because they're based mostly on actors/musicians/etc... Its fun looking at a zombified Bruce Lee or an Elvis Presley lol


Zombiezz: I loooove this line! Mainly because of the cartoony feel and vibrant colors they have, which are two of the main reasons I collect a line :D


Funko Mystery Minis: I love these kind of figures because they're a cute version of my favorite characters. Sometimes, what is supposed to be a horrible monster will end up looking adorable in Funko's mini style.

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