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Posted 20 May 2005 - 05:38 PM

Hi everyone!

I have just released a new web site called MuscleDB.com.  Although I have never seen the old Kinnikudex (it has been offline for some time), I understand that this new site is essentially a new version of that one.

Since I am not a collector myself, my main goal for the site is one of curiosity.  I would like to help the community answer the question "which muscles were released in which colours" once and for all... if only to find out which colours #024 exists in!  To help reach this answer, I have created a database-driven site that will allow collectors to easily enter and maintain their collections online.  Meanwhile, the back-end of the site keeps track of all the collections and documents which items have been found.

Once a few people add their collection information into the site I will add a few new features which compare relative rarity of particular colours of a sculpt compared to the other colours, as well as relative rarity of a particular sculpt compared to the other sculpts.  Furthermore, I am requesting users with large collection to contribute images of their muscles so I can create a new section of the site which displays each muscle in all of it's colours along with the "relative rarity" information mentioned above and any other information about the particular sculpt people want to submit/share.  (If you're interested in submitting photographs, please e-mail me by clicking the Contact link on the site.)

Please take a look at the site, and if you're a collector, please consider using MuscleDB.com to track your collection!


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