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BATTLE BEASTS Introduction & General Information

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    Protecting, Defending & Preserving the original vintage line by TAKARA/HASBRO

Posted 06 May 2014 - 04:00 PM

In order to provide some quick and direct links for all collectors and have some good information up for beginning collectors in an arranged way the important topics that were previously pinned within the Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts (classic series) are now combined in this General Introduction topic. So whether you are a new collector searching for some good and well arranged information about for instance prices or the cards that came with the figures or whether your a die hard collector looking for info or trade options concerning the GBB or SD figures all those topics are combined here. Together with a short description of the specific topic there´s a link that´ll bring you directly to the original topic.



Are you a beginner or new into the world of Battle Beasts?
Than first of all a warm welcome to LRG and its good you made it here! Why? Because this is probably one of the most active and internationally best visited Forums related to Battle Beasts meaning there´s not only a ton of usefull information (that continues to expand) out here but there are also a lot of fellow collectors who´re always willing to help you out answering all kinds of BB related questions. Your always free to ask but if you use the search function or have a look at the topics below some of your questions might already be answered because you can imagine that in time a lot of different topics have passed by and a lot of things have been discussed and shared out here. So start exploring the Battle Beasts here on LRG!


Here are a few of the most usefull topics to start with;



1. BATTLE BEASTS & LASER BEASTS Price Guide / Checklist
What´s more important for a beginning collector to have a clear overview of which figures are part of the line and to have an idea of the average prices these figures go for, all this information can be found within this important Price Guide and Checklist. This list has always been one of the major important topics on this forum and it is showing a lot of documented information related to actuall selling prices in the past. Outside the Price Guide also other interesting info and checklists of for instance vehicles, playsets, novelty and bootleg lines is shared and pictured here.  
*Although everybody is doing their best to keep the Price Guide as up to date as possible there is quite a shift in prices amongst some of the BB and LB items which means that the prices within the Guide might not always be as accurate as the current market so for specific  and up to date item prices it might be worth to ask about it.*




SHARED INFORMATION which has been scanned and made available by LRG members


The files that can be found here are .zip files available for download of the rare Original Japanese BB  & LB Books which hold a lot of interesting information and pictures of both lines. Those books were available in Japan only so they show only items related to the Japanese releases. Very interesting to have a look at those books as they´re an important and nowadays rare piece in Battle Beasts history. 
A special thanks goes to; Lord, Matthewf1tz, GigaLeo, WhiteLeo and Jkaris


The files that can be found here are in PDF and they are available for download. This Annual was released in the UK in 1988 and it holds Battle Beasts storylines as well as games and other interesting artwork. Its an interesting book to have a look at.
A special thanks goes to; mca19 and WhiteLeo.


The files that can be found here are in PDF and they are available for download. In total 4 different Battle Beasts comics were released in the UK and all of them are available in this topic. They show an interesting comic storyline in which some of the Battle Beasts make their appearance. Have a look at these comics and have a short travel back in time.
A special thanks goes to; mca19 and WhiteLeo.




BB/LB Mint in Box (MIB) and Card Pictures 
Since 2005 some members started uploading photo´s of their MIB items and Card in order to have these archived in a digital way.


Here some interesting photo´s can be found when your looking for items that are still within their original packaging and also some very rare items are pictured. A special thanks goes to; all members who´ve participated in uploading and sharing their photo´s.

*Due to the fact some pictures were uploaded from external servers it might happen that over time some of these pictures are not showing any longer as they´ve been removed or the servers on which they were located are not active any longer*


Here´s a discussion area related to the different type of BB and LB cards out there and a proposal to have these arranged in a clear way. The link within this topic leads to the Checklist mentioned under #1 but you also have option to click on the Cards there. A large amount of all the known cards can be found there. A special thanks goes to; CCVegita and WhiteLeo.







The small and colorfoul SD BB are cherised by a select group of collectors and a few of them took the time and effort to create a great archive for these little figures. Apart from a pleasant style and a proper checklist there´s also some interesting information shared. The link will lead you to an external website but its the personal site from one of the LRG members who´s been responsible for the creation of this SD Archive. 
A special thanks goes to; Soupie and Matthew Fitz.


The Greek Battle Beasts are also cherised by a select group of collectors and these colorfoul Greek versions are real puzzles when it comes to completing figures since in most cases the incorrect bodies and arm set are connected to each other. Due to this some members decided to start this topic in order to get some clarification about who had which parts in order to get some trades going to complete figs. And eventhogh this topic might not be as active as it was in the beginning there is still some good information that can be found and it shows which parts belong or belonged to certain GBB collectors who´re active here. 
A special thanks goes to; WhiteLeo.






If you are interested in the background stories related to the Battle Beasts line this is an interesting topic to visit because in 2014 a select group of LRG members started the Beastformers Archeology Project. The goal if this project is to update, validate and clarfiy all kind of information that´s related to this line and after all this has been discussed, researched and processed it´ll be shared out on LRG in a variety of interesting topics. You´ll notice the topics related to the project as they start with -BA-. There´s also a proper and arranged way in which these topics are organised in the Table of Content.

A special thanks goes to; The Beastformers Archeology Team.




I was asked by Jkaris to organise this topic as such in order to make room within the Battle Beasts area of the board since thanks to this topic a lot of the pinned topics can now be removed. Hope this effort and rearrangement is appreciated. 


Enjoy the Beasts!

Edited by Beastformers, 06 May 2014 - 04:32 PM.

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Posted 06 May 2014 - 06:02 PM

Excellent job!!!!
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Posted 15 June 2016 - 03:18 PM

I have some Battle Beasts that I'm trying to sell.  I have 27 figurines and a battle station.  Anyone know where I can get rid of them?  I also have a bunch of Musclemen. 

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Posted 15 June 2016 - 03:39 PM

Try the "Got Toys" section. 

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