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Suggested LRG Selling/Promotion Policy Change for Reproductions!

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 04:48 PM

To all fellow LRG members,


I´d like to share this concern with all of you since I think it is legit for all of us and the values we represent out here on the board.

Within the BB area and community, and this probably goes for other lines out here on LRG as well, we´ve this ongoing and endless discussion about Reproductions and Exact copies of original figures that´re hard to tell apart solely based on pics. Some of them think this is acceptable and it´s not a problem while others see the potential danger of these falling into the wrong hands with the risk of these, in time, being sold as originals. This is something we´re all against I might hope because I know the board is strong and fierce when it comes to spotting fake Muscle Claws on Ebay, etc. but WHY if we have the chance to prevent this to happen by adding a makers mark straight away, for those figs created by fellow LRG members, is there no policy on LRG that requires a makers- or reproduction mark?


It ain´t to much asked from a creator who´s selling/promoting his reproductions or copies via LRG to add such a mark to begin with because that´s the easiest way to prevent future problems with it. Even though right now the creator might list them clearly mentioning them as Reproductions it´s not said it´ll stay like that in time when it switches owner or ends up in the hands of and unknown collector or one with the wrong intentions.


This seems to become a whole discussion and I´m always the one to beat up when it comes to that but is it really that illogic what I´m suggesting here or am I crazy?


NO Reproductions or Exact copies of original figures without a mark, in order to distinguish the reproduction/copy from the original based on pics, are allowed to be listed or promoted on LRG any longer. This shouldn´t be a to hard process policy change for the Got Toys section and any other place where these are promoted out here.


With just this little addition to the reproductions and exact copies a whole lot of future trouble will be solved straight away and I think it´s better to prevent where and whenever we can than to keep pointing out strange or fake Ebay listings, or whatever, when we´ve had the chance to prevent all that to begin with.


Hope this policy change suggestion receives some support because I´d be surprised to see if this is not in line with the LRG values respecting the original lines as well as the artists who made them. While on the other hand the makers mark addition to the reproductions and copies are a nice signature for the artist who´s creating those....


Thanks for your time!

Edited by Beastformers, 17 May 2017 - 04:59 PM.

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 05:03 PM

Your rants make you come across like a pompous lunatic, regardless of the point of your message. Not long ago you sent the council messages demanding that we side with you in this so-called argument, threatening that we had better handle it your way "or else." I am not really sure what exactly that meant, nor do I care.

Now I see you calling for members of LRG to "choose sides" in your personal pissing contest. I don't think so.


The point that I am making is that this discussion is more than welcome to occur, but without you. I know I speak for more than myself when I say that your walls of text are tiresome, and your whining inexcusable for an adult.


I am locking this topic and giving Beastformers a well deserved break from posting here. The length of his suspension will be determined by a council vote.

If other members would like to continue this discussion, they are free to do so in the civil and respectful tone that the vast majority of our fellow members demonstrate on a daily basis.

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