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Striped Carp & Sunburst Card

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Posted 09 July 2024 - 05:26 PM

Hi everyone, I haven’t been on here in quite some time ever since life with kiddos took over. I was organizing my closet and started rummaging through my collection and recall these two BB items I bought a long time ago when prices of BBs were reasonable. I took them out for better pics since the last time I posted on here was probably by uploading pics from a digital camera lol Questions I have about these items are:
1) Is it possible to tell if the Striped Carp package was ever opened? It looks like the tapes are all intact and don’t see any signs of the plastic being stretched or damaged from pulling on the tape. It’s missing the small sticker that’s supposed to be on its foot but I haven’t ever opened the bag to see if it fell off and is somewhere hidden in the content.
2) As for the Sunburst Card, would it devalue the card if I replaced the tape holding the bag with the Sunburst rub inside? It has fuzz on the edges and just looks dirty to me. But I feel a lot of people would want everything to be 100% original…even though I can’t say with certainty that this is the original tape that was used in the first place. I'm just glad the rub still works!
I’m also thinking about selling all or some of my sealed collection to save space and maybe downsize to a Stone Cobra to go with the Striped Carp :)

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Posted 12 July 2024 - 05:40 AM

Hi and welcome back ;)


1) Tough question to answer for a few reasons. You bought it like that (do you remember if you actually bought it as unopened or wasn´t this mentioned) so if this wasn´t mentioned or if you don´t remember this will always stay up for debate despite the fact you´re sure you´ve never opened it yourself. There are a few things I noticed because it looks like the wrapping actually holds two tapes (right?) which might be a clue that it´s re-taped at some point. Of course it´s also likely it simply didn´t stick well while packing and there´s another tape applied when it´s packed in the factory but when there are two tapes present it leaves extra room for speculation. As far as the content itself goes and the way how it´s been packed it all looks correct apart from the fact that the sticker underneath the foot is no longer present. Like you stated it might´ve fallen off and it might be somewhere floating around inside the package but if that´s the case with you having it in hand I think you should be able to spot is somewhere inside by looking into it via various angles. Also here there is a possibility that either the sticker simply wasn´t applied or it had already fallen off before it was packed. 


Looking at my own wrapped Clear Carp like that which does have the sticker underneath the feet and only one tape (but this tape has dried out so it´s no longer sticking the wrapping together making it no longer a ¨sealed¨ pack either) I noticed that this tape was applied vertical in the length of the package while yours seems to have been applied horizontal in the width of the wrapping. Just details and it doesn´t add much here but it´s showing some possibilities.


The point with possibilities like these is that they give room for speculation so that´s not the best thing in this case in case you think about selling it as a sealed/unopened item.


Since the content is all there/correct (apart from the sticker underneath the foot) I´d simply be honest about it if you decide to sell it and pass it on with the information you have provided so that the person who might add this nice piece of history to the collection can judge for itself. On one hand you´d think that it might be worth to take a look inside to see if the sticker for the foot is present but on the other hand that might actually make that you´re opening a package that´s indeed sealed all that time so I personally wouldn´t risk that.




2) DON´T!!! Here goes the same as for the Striped Carp pack if you don´t know for sure whether it was or wasn´t opened and or the original tape don´t take the risk to replace the possible original tape by a new tape simply to make it look better. The aging of the tape and the dirt are part of the story that comes with this piece and you even risk damaging the card or at leas the backside by taking it off so why even consider taking that risk?! It´s known that the Sunburst rubsign was present on the backside of this card but you rarely ever find it with this piece still attached so that´s something special.




Sounds like you´re planning to clear out part of our BB collection which is obviously your own decision but please don´t take it lightly because pieces like that are not easy to find and once they´re gone it´s not said you´ll ever be able to replace them in case you change you mind! 

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