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Gamma Jetpunch's Battle Beasts fic (an ongoing project)

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 10:47 PM

Ok, It's been a year, but I've finally got my "pilot" fic for my Battle Beasts world that I'm forming it in my head. For those who aren't aware, I also have art in the Battle Beasts thread, for character designs.

Enjoy and critique within fairness.

EDIT: 78 view, only 8 downloads... THIS'LL Fix that. Enjoy the read, people!!

Battle Beasts: Beest Revolution


Many light years from our solar system, there, within another solar system, there lies a planet almost like ours, but yet not. This is the planet, green and blue much like our own, called Beest. Beest’s major inhabitants are the Anifolk, a collective group of sentient animaloids, grouped as one people. Two-hundred and fifty years ago, their technology was paramount to our very own, today; towering vista cities, planet-wide communication, and varying forms of magi-science that would rival out own. But disaster struck, when an asteroid fell from Beest’s skies, decimating the Anifolk population to barely a fraction of what it was, and obliterating most of the planet’s natural and technological splendor.

The asteroid’s impact had additionally irradiated the planet’s atmosphere, planet-wide. The impact site, a region of a southwestern continent, was mutated down to the molecular level, creating “living elementsâ€￾, called Mote Things, by the Anifolk of Beest. But this worldwide irradiation had a strange effect of some of the remaining Anifolk of Beest, imbuing them with elemental powers. These blessed, or cursed few, were entitled Battle Beasts. Now, the planet is in chaos, as the Anifolk war with each other, and one despot wishes to unite the people of Beest under iron-fisted rule. Legend also has it, that one Animan, wielding the energy of the Sunburst, shall stop this monster, and bring forth a new age of light.

And here is where our story begins…

“I…. I will defeat you, monster!â€￾ An armored, wild-haired youth proclaims, wielding a long, very impressive sword, as he runs toward a large, menacing dragon-like monster. “Your reign of terror ends here!â€￾ He runs and runs with convicted fury, as the monster, with eyes of flame, forms white-hot fire inside its mouth. As it exhales the intense flame breath, it fills the vision of the young hero, and…

“Leo… Leo, get up! We need food from the market.â€￾

“Huh?â€￾ Leo, as he is apparently called, wakes up. Leo is a lion animan, 17 years of age. He has white fur, blue eyes, and a blond mane. “Huh, oh, okay mom.â€￾ Leo yawned and got up from his bed in his room. His room is littered with small lifting weights, a vividly-patterned, but dusty rug, a stringed instrument of some kind, and a display with a rusted sword.

Continent: Northern Snarl. Longgrass Village, country of Beastrom. 9 am.

“Hey, where ya going, Leo?â€￾ A blue-furred ram animan, adorned in dark grey armor and facemask, asked Leo. “Oh, hey Bighorn. I’m going to the market, a few miles east. We’re running low on bread, milk, fruit, and scorpion meat.â€￾ Bighorn Sheep and Leo were the same age, and have been friends with each other since childhood.

“Tch, I wish I could leave the village for hours on end. No, I have to train and train and train, under my dad’s watch, to be the next guardian of this village. Man, sometimes being a Battle Beast sure has its perks and its downfalls, eh?â€￾ Bighorn was indeed a Battle Beast. Battle Beasts are naturally adorned in armor, and lying within each one’s chest is a large, black orb. This orb actually harnesses a Battle Beast’s elemental powers, normally over the forces of fire, water, or ‘wood’. Fire and water are obvious, but ‘wood’ is more general, usually reflecting the forces of nature, like plantlife, earth and rock, or even wind. Bighorn’s power was fire.

Leo, however, was not a Battle Beast. Although for the past few months, he kept on dreaming the same dream of fighting a dragon. He wondered what that dream meant, since he wasn’t really obsessed with fantasy stuff, like dragons or wizards. “I wouldn’t really know, Bighorn. I’m not a Battle Beast, remember?â€￾

“Yeah,â€￾ Bighorn agreed. “You’d be too boring to be one. You’d probably have the ability to mellow out other anifolk, and have them sing campfire songs with that String Maloot, back in your room.â€￾ He laughed jokingly. Since he and Leo were friends since they were very little, he could get away with jabbing his friend with jokes like this.

“At least I’m not a hot-headed bigmouth, who tries to impress the females with faulty pyrotechnics.â€￾ Leo slyly quipped. “Hey, hey, hey! Someone needs to keep ‘tha ladies’ impressed and in awe in this sleepy village… and it may as well be me!â€￾ Bighorn retorted, jokingly flexing and posing. “Well, anyway, good luck with the trip, bro. On the way there, could you get me a wumba fruit? I haven’t snacked on one of those in at LEAST two, maybe three… days.â€￾ Leo chuckled, and nodded yes, as he readied his vehicle.

The back half of his vehicle looked like a cross between a motorcycle, minus the motor, and a small wagon. The front half, had a large pill bug, the size of a large earth dog, attached to a bar harness underneath its midsection. Leo walked up to the large bug “Okay Zip, you ready?â€￾ Zip, Leo’s pill bug, squeaked and hissed as it rolled up around the bar harness, forming a large wheel, in the front of the vehicle. Leo got into the seat, and zoomed eastward through the grasslands. While he was riding off, he saw a flock of objects, flying in the sky. He disregarded it as probably a flock of bird animen going over practice migratory flight routes.

Farmer’s Market, 7 miles east of Longgrass Village, country of Beastrom. 9:20 am.

As Leo and his pill bug, Zip, drove closer and closer to the market, he saw something odd. “Is… is that smoke, ahead?â€￾ The smoke was thick and black, and to Leo, it almost looked like the telltale signs of a raid. But why would anyone raid a food market? Feelings of nervousness and concern washed over him. He squeezed the trigger grips on his vehicle’s handlebars, sending a small, non-painful jolt of electricity into Zip’s harness bar, making the dog-sized pill bug roll faster and faster.

Closer and closer they rode on, to bear witness to flames whipping and covering the farmer’s market area. The air was rife with the smell of burning wood, bread and produce. It looked like everyone was either killed, or was driven off. Only old farmer Samule Grainsley, a mule animan, dragging his battered, soot-covered body, was the only one he could see. The old mule animan soon collapsed from what could’ve been severe exhaustion, trauma from burns, and heatstroke.

Leo jumped out of his vehicle, tending to the old farmer, and seating him up in the bug-powered, half-wagon’s bed. “Farmer Sam, what happened here?â€￾ Leo couldn’t hide the look of worry on his face as he softly shook the old mule animan’s body.

“Bat animen… Ba… Battle B-beasts… servants of Grue… Gruesome Gator… heading to… to your village, next…â€￾ Leo mouthed “No.â€￾ to himself, hearing this horrible news. Of all the days to go get groceries, there had to be some invasion, and why his sleepy little village home? So many thoughts raced as his vehicle raced, with a barely conscious passenger propped up in the back. Apart from a large lake teaming with primitive, non-amphibious fish, there was nothing of real value there. Though, seeing as this is the work of some crazy despot, this could’ve been a ‘coercion’ tactic to ally more countries of Northern Snarl with the madman’s homeland: The war-rife continent of Southern Snarl. It was at this time that Leo felt it wise to simply stop asking questions to himself, and simply drive as fast as his bug-powered cart could get him there. And, hopefully, he would get back fast enough to Longgrass Village before anyone else would get hurt, or worse.

Longgrass Village, country of Beastrom. 9:32 am.

From his home village up ahead, he was the unsettling red glow and black smoke that was clear that his village was under attack by these black-hearted monsters. He turned his vehicle sharply, to leap into action… He had two thoughts roiling in his mind: Save whoever could be saved… and get the sword from his room, if it was still there.

“UrrgggrRRRAAAAAGHHH… get out of my village, you leathery freaks!!!â€￾ Leo heard his friend Bighorn shout at the flying bat marauders, as their hell-red flames from the bat’s mouths deflected from Bighorn’s two-bladed weapon. “Keep blasting him, boys…â€￾ said their leader, clad in black, spiky armor, and adorned with a cybernetic scope over his left eye. “If this is the only protection this miserable shanty-village has… we’d be better off burning this hovel off the map! Haaahahahahahaaaa…. AAAhhahahahaaa… what, wha? Who’s that coming over there?â€￾

“Leo! Thank the God Beasts you’ve returned!â€￾

“Bighorn, did everyone evacuate?â€￾ Leo asked, with urgency in his eyes. “Thankfully yeah; they’re all out… It’s just you, me, and these bat-jerks!â€￾

“Good, I’ve got to get something…â€￾

“WHAT?! I NEED HELP HERE!! GET YOUR STUFF LATER!! LEEOOOO!!!!â€￾ But Leo had already left, dashing to his home, thankfully not yet burned… now, to get his sword from his wall.

“After that lion!â€￾ The eye-patched bat animan screeched.

“Aye, Captain Blitzkrieg!â€￾ Two other bat animen followed Leo. Anyone running from battle was either a coward, or had some ace up their sleeve. Leo ran for his life toward his home. The two bat animen dive at Leo as he makes it to his front door, as Leo swiftly shuts the door and props it with a chair. SLAM! Thud! One of the Bat animen slam right into the door and fall flat, as Leo soon hears a fierce pounding sound coming from the door, and screams of “Get out here, boy!â€￾, and “Take yer burnings like a man!â€￾ The lion animan ran up the stairs, to the second floor of his home, and spotted his sword, still in place. He went for his sword on his wall…

…Then he heard a screech getting louder, and closer...

CRASH! The glass of his window shattered, as the second bat animan dove through the window, and lunged at Leo, pinning him down, the sword flew out of his hand.

“Time to take yer lumps, kitty-cat!â€￾ The bat raised a fist, giving enough leeway for Leo to grab his sword. “Lump this, fang-face!â€￾ As he smashed the pommel of his longsword against the bat-animan’s cheek. The blow left the beast spinning and flung back 10 feet, landing right into Leo’s bed, head first. “Don’t worry about charge for room and board.â€￾ Leo laughed, as he raced back downstairs, sword in hand, and opened the door. He opened the door, and…

“FORGOT ABOUT ME?!â€￾ The other bat-man shouted. The bat animan then got an eyeful of the broadside of Leo’s blade. The steel of his sword hitting furred hide with a BANG! “No… no, I didn’t.â€￾ As the second bat-man fell, Leo saw Bighorn flung towards him, tumbling in the dirt, and onto his back. Leo propped his friend back up, Blitzkrieg, the captain of the bat animen, advanced towards them, claw held out openly. “You two are durable, I’ll give you that… maybe you’d like to do the smart thing, and pledge allegiance to my master. He wishes to unite all countries of Beest under one rule.â€￾ Though the bat-man wasn’t as tall as Leo or Bighorn, his words left Leo snarling in disgust, and Bighorn getting into a defensive stance, standing up against a wood barrel. “Your master? You mean the same reptilian monster who commanded you to burn our village? We’ll never ally our village with that beast!â€￾ Bighorn exclaimed, flinging the barrel at Blitzkrieg. The two friends then saw a fiery blast explode from the bat-man’s fanged mouth, igniting the barrel and making it combust, falling to pieces on the ground. “Don’t you two fools know…â€￾ Blitzkrieg scoffed cruelly, wiping his mouth with his clawed hand. “… fire BURNS wood!â€￾ The cruel bat opened his mouth again, as another stream of hell-red flame spewed from his mouth. “Get behind me, Leo!â€￾ Bighorn shouted, and pointing his two-bladed weapon, as a fireball formed between the blades, and shot out towards the flaming stream. The energy of both cancelled each other out, creating a large explosion. “Man, I love my bomb scissors staff!â€￾

“Heh, if you two ‘tough guys’ are going to play with sticks, I might as well join in on all the fun.â€￾ The bat-man sneered, whistling for one of his troops to toss his weapon. Both Leo and Bighorn saw a nasty-looking weapon—the front resembling a battleaxe, the back half looking like a scythe blade—fly into the air with a whistling noise, only for the whistling to stop as Blitzkrieg caught the bladed weapon with his left hand. “I hope you’ve lived full lives, pitiful young-bloods.â€￾ The bat flew up in the air. “…because this day will be your last!!!â€￾ He yelled, diving in a fit of sadistic arrogance. His blade clashes with Bighorn’s, the metal grinding against each other as both Battle Beasts vied for a forceful advantage over the other. They both grunted with each swing, until Bighorn’s bomb scissors staff was ripped from his cloven hands. “Feel the keening slice of my Devil Reaver, goat!â€￾As Blitzkrieg raised his blade toward Bighorn, Leo leapt forward, and stopped the blade’s descent with his own sword. The impact left his blade descending slower with a shrieking grinding noise, with the blade hit Leo in the face, creating a notable cut by his right eye, leaving Leo yelling from the attack. The blood from Leo’s cut making it hard to see. He felt a quiet rage build up inside of him, time slowing down to a crawl.

Suddenly, a burst of light came from Leo’s eyes, mouth and chest… “Arrgg! It’s… it’s too bright!!â€￾ Blitzkrieg flinched, as the Lion-animan’s entire body began to glow. As the light subsided, Leo was now wearing dark blue armor, and his sword was now bigger, and looked less like an antique prop, and more like it was brand-new. And on his chest was the black orb, adorned not with a fire symbol, or water, or even wood, but a symbol of an intense exploding light: The Sunburst, the rarest of elemental forces, was now emanating from the once ordinary teenage lion now turned Battle Beast. Leo leapt, bellowing out a roar, as he swung his mighty, gleaming sword at the bat-man. Slicing his imposing Devil Reaver in two… and slicing off the bat-man’s hand clean off. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!â€￾ Bliztkrieg scream as he clasped his eviscerated limb, kneeling in pain. The one ‘pitiful young-bloods’ now being a bigger threat than ever before, Bliztkrieg’s arrogant fanged smirk now replaced with a look of fear. “Men…. RETREAAAT!â€￾ All the bat-animen flew off, two of which carried Blitzkrieg with them. “Leo…. Are you…?â€￾ Bighorn asked, to which he saw his friend’s symbol change to that of water, his glow subsiding, and Leo collapsing from exhaustion.

Blackness. That was all Leo felt the darkness of the void surrounding him, until he heard a voice whisper in his head.

“You’ve been chosen, White Leo.â€￾

“Chosen? Chosen for what? And why ‘White Leo’?â€￾

“You have ‘answered the call’, and is now a Battle Beast, but there is more to your destiny than just that…â€￾

“Is that why I keep getting those dreams where I fight dragons?â€￾

“Correct. Your destiny encompasses a lot, young animan. Your true powers lay dormant, for now, but you are destined to overthrow the tyrant who will plunge this world and its people in a cage of servitude and of oppression. It is your destiny to lead the anifolk of Beest to a new age of peace and light.â€￾

“What? I… I don’t know you expect me to do that.â€￾

“Only in due time will you know what to do, young hero. Only in due time…â€￾

“Only in due time will he wake up.â€￾ Leo, or rather White Leo’s good eye opened. The other eye was covered in gauze and a sturdy blue patch. He saw the village’s medic, a sea lion. “Ah, you’re awake, Leo. How are you feeling?â€￾

White Leo groaned as he slowly sat up from the medical bed. The room somewhat burned from the raid from earlier. “Apart from the gash I got… not too bad; and I…â€￾ He felt his chest and stomach, and realized he was still in his blue armor. “When did this happen?â€￾

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember, Leo.â€￾ It was Bighorn. He softly limped to the lion. The fall left Bighorn with a bruised hip, but the medic saw that it wasn’t major, but warned him to avoid running for a week or two. “You went all glowy, grew armor, and sliced that bat-freak’s hand clear off. It was awesome, you don’t even know.â€￾

“Boys.â€￾ The elder and Bighorn’s father, called Hornhead, walked in. “You have saved this village, your village, and faired valiantly against forces of evil…â€￾ he then paused and stamped his wooden staff down. “But Leo over here…â€￾

“White Leo.â€￾ The young lion butted in. “It’s White Leo, now.â€￾

“He even has found his battle name.â€￾ The elder smirked. “As I was saying, White Leo, from what you’ve told me Bighorn, is quite possibly the one Battle Beast of prophecy, foretold to bring our world from the precipice of chaos and savagery that it is in now. The Battle Beast who has the Sunburst, yet was not destroyed by its sheer power.â€￾ He paused to clear his throat. “Leo, you have a mission… a grand purpose now. But the decision to embark on it… must be made by you.â€￾

Leo looked down, and shook his head softly “I… I don’t know. I’m not that much of a fighter. I’d rather solve problems with words than with brute strength… It’s just…â€￾

“…exactly what makes you a great potential leader, young White Leo. And being in armor and having elemental powers doesn’t hurt either.â€￾ Hornhead nudged and winked.

“Tell ya what Leo,â€￾ Bighorn interjected. “How about I come with? I’m sure you’ll need someone to protect your back, like you did mine.â€￾

Leo thought, and thought. This was a big task, but maybe he should go. The dreams keep showing to him the potential and what could be. “Yes. But I’ll need supplies first: food, water, healing herbs… and I guess I’ll take whatever coins I have stashed away for later.â€￾

Then Bighorn got into various poses “Awwwww yeaaaah. It’s settled then! Two lone adventuring heroes… against great odds, walking straight into the maw of danger andOOOW!! The hip!!â€￾

“I told you to be careful with it!â€￾ The medic yelled.

Allig Castle, country of Lenonia, continent of Southern Snarl. 12:41 pm.

Blitzkrieg Bat, in rage, walked down the corridors of Allig Castle. His lost hand now replaces with a wicked iron hook. He was followed by an old anteater animan, in white labcoat, walking cane and cybernetic parts on his left arm and head. “This was the only viable replacement for your arm we could find, Captain Blitzkrieg. The Cybernetic Elite isn’t a short-notice delivery service for outside of the Warri Archepelago.â€￾

“Don’t give me your excuses, you half-baked idiot!â€￾ He yelled eyeing his new limb. “And now that I see it, this hook will do nicely. It’ll symbolize the animan who left my like this. I who was never once wounded in battle… He will feel my rage and scorn… I may have sliced only his face, but one day I’ll have his head on a pike! Now… leave me to speak with my master.â€￾

Behind the gigantic automatic door was the cold, stone grey throne room. And seated on the throne, eyeing monitors and pressing buttons for the controls, was a fearsome Battle Beast; A white alligator animan, scary and ugly, wearing olive green armor. This… was Gruesome Gator.

“Blitzkrieg… approach.â€￾ The alligator Battle Beast bellowed with a cold ferocity. The Bat Battle Beast nervously stepped up until he was in arms reach of his gruesome master. “Lord Gruesome, The raid and conversion…â€￾

Gruesome Gator then grabbed Blitzkrieg by one of his wings “I know of your failure, weakling! You and your squadron of bats, couldn’t even overtake some backwater village, protected by two mere Battle Beasts!â€￾

“B-but Lord, please, the Lion… his chest glowed with some bright terrifying light.â€￾

“What?!â€￾ Guresome Gator’s reddened eyes bulged. Something deep inside him stirred something he rarely felt: fear. “Did you say a bright light? Was the symbol similar to a sun, or an explosion?â€￾

“Yes it was, my Lord.â€￾ Blitzkrieg gulped.

“So…â€￾ the alligator animan put his 2nd-in-command down, emanating a cold, harsh air of foreboding. “… the legends are true then. No… he’ll undo everything I’ve planned for. It is all too close to fruition to be disrupted now. Blitzkrieg…â€￾


“You’re spared my wrath, and you’ll gain more than you can ever imagine, if you can do this: Find everyone in our networks, and warn them of those two Battle Beasts. None of my plans shall be uprooted. Tell them all… and you are to find them as well… Go!â€￾

“Yes, my master!â€￾ Blitzkrieg bowed and took flight.

“Yes, youngblood… you shall not ruin years of my painstaking endeavors. This savage world will be put into my rule, and my rule alone!â€￾

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 05:17 AM

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 11:14 AM

And this isn't the end, either. I intend to build and build on my world. I even have a "guidebook" for myself on the ecology.Our heroes will meet new anifolk, good and bad, and will face great odds.

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 12:30 PM

I'm looking forward to reading what you've imagined :)
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Divide & conquer works because of attachments people make to push-button issues, individual "leaders," parties, clans, tribes, policies, or agendas, leaving them open to manipulation.

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 06:37 PM

I'm looking forward to reading what you've imagined :)

Uhm, but the first post has my intro story. You should read it :pardon: :laugh2:

EDIT: Now it LITERALLY is on the first post. I've learned my lesson: Give the internet an unwrapped gift. It's easier, better (for all of you) and leaves less guesswork (as in "should I download this thing?" lol)^___^

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 08:50 PM

Ok, here's a possible idea of how things may go for this production:

I'm going to try and work on the next "chapter" within the next few weeks. I'm hoping to have it done between August and mid-late September (college, clinicals, registries, and all that... ya know?).

The following Battle Beast cameos will be in this next chapter:

Icky Iguana
Deer Hunter (Deer Stalker)
Edgy Hog (Prickly Porcupine)
Hardtop Tortoise

And if the story seems too short, I'll add in as story extension:
Rabbit Kid (Hair-raising Rabbit)
Drill Frog (the "frog" version of Horny Toad)
Sly Fox
Gold-Ger the Ferocious (Golder/Ferocious Tiger)
...and possibly more

I wish I could solely concentrate on this probably grand (but not unattainable) project, but with schooling, possible future employment, and a few other creative projects that don't relate to the previous two things (i.e. fiction, art, and rpg adventure paths), I have to attempt to balance out things. But I promise that more will come.

Until then, please enjoy what I've posted so far, and leave feedback when the next installment comes around.

Thank you, fellow little rubber guy aficionados.

Gamma Jetpunch, punching yet ANOTHER hole in space!
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