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Mercenary Tales

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 02:40 PM

this is the start of my new fan fic hope you like it

Chapter 1: It Starts.....

it was cold blustery day in Chicago, Illinois and for a Prosecutor named Giovanni Ramsay a short stout guy with long black hair tied into a ponytail with a black goatee and white suit with a rose by his heart,it was day to remember for today was the anniversary of the day his wife was brutally murdered and when he became an assassin under the name Lucius for a corrupt cop named Fabian King a short portly fellow with balding silver hair and silver moustache he usually wears a blue suit with a monacle in one eye.

'What do you have for me?' Lucius said with a grimace to Fabian, he tosses a picture to Lucius and says, 'Her name is Rebecca Payne', suddenly Lucius interrupts Fabian saying 'I Don't Kill Women Fabian!', To Which Fabian Says 'I Don't want you to kill her just bring her in I need to question her about a Murder'.

Lucius with a sturn look on his face says, 'As Long as she dosn't get harmed in anyway ill bring her in, any idea where she may be?', Fabian smiles as he says, 'we're not sure unfortunatly shes good at hiding but we're absolutly sure shes still in Chicago'. Lucius pulls out his gun which is a .44 Magnum with a silencer on it and rubs it with a cloth for a moment before saying 'Consider it done!, Mind if i check the records for some clue to her wearabouts?'.

'Oh Sure by all means' Fabian says with a smirk, Lucius coughs and stands up saying, 'I'm Off' After Lucius Leaves Fabian chuckles darkly to himself and mutters 'This Should Be Amusing' then he starts working on the mound of papers in front him.

end of chapter 1
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