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Showcase #43: 2,099 Kinkeshi worth 3,160,000 yen?

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Posted 19 October 2017 - 09:48 PM

Showcase #43: 2,099 Kinkeshi worth 3,160,000 Yen?



Not exactly a showcase of anything in my own personal collection but while researching Kinkeshi online; I often bump into some interesting things.

The age of the internet has provided us with access to information and more information than we can handle.

In America we have a lot of shows that appraise or give value to antiques and collections (as a kid I enjoyed antiques roadshow which I believed aired on PBS?).

Somehow though I think they often give people a false sense of what an item is actually worth and what people are willing to pay for an item (which are two totally different things); winds up being a detriment as we have seen on ebay and MUSCLE line auctions/sales.

They have some shows like these in Japan and I myself often wondered how much or what value could I put to my Kinkeshi collection.

I found pictures at first from an appraisal show and when I clicked on them I was lead to an article from 2017 about a Japanese appraisal show having a Kinkeshi collector: https://matome.naver...284701072472501

This Japanese collector had quite a collection! They appraised and valued his collection of 2099 of Kinkeshi at 3,160,000 yen (circa $27912.2800 or EUR 23636.1209).

Recently on yahoojapan I saw an auction which had Part 1 to Part 30, The 3 Parts from the 1991 Contention to The throne line & The Ramenman Part 1 Keshigomu sell for almost 3,000 EUR (the collection was mixed; meaning Flesh and Color). All things considered that was actually not that bad of a price...

What kinda blew me away about the article was the comment about the line originally not being called Kinkeshi officially (they were referred/named according to their Parts?). BANDAI officially called the line "Kinkeshi" until 2008?

Now often appraisers or people are misinformed so since they don't live in collecting bubble of just 1 brand.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything more since am just about 3 years into collecting Kinkeshi. Since the article quoted Wikipedia etc

I translated some parts of the article using Google:

Kin Erase 2099 Bodies collected by Collector is too terrible! And quite expensive! What is the expert opinion?


What is kin kashi (kin keshi)?

It is a doll that imitates the shape of a superman appearing in the manga "Kinnikuman." Known as "Kin eraser".

"Kinnikuman PVC series released as a capsule toy, commonly known as" Kinkeshi "

A collector who collected 2099 "Kinkeshi" appeared in "appraisal group". Expert opinion and how? (Reading Television: TV Tokyo)

"The product name at the time of its release in 1983 was" Kinnikuman PARTxx "," Kin erase "was not the official name. In the reprint version of 2008, the official name was "kin keshi" ("Kinkeshi" is a trademark of Bandai). "

Source Kinnikuman Eraser – Wikipedia

At that time, Kinkeshi, where all the boys got involved, 2099 bodies ...(Source twitter.com)

The Collector of the 2099 Kinkeshi said about his collection:

"When I was a child, the client gathered Kimkesi, hitting pocket money, gathered too much, so it got into trouble with the place of storage .... So I thought that if I found it in my parents I would absolutely be thrown away, I put them all in a pot of pickles about 1 meter and buried them in the eaves of a barn.

"20 years without anyone noticing as it is ... · · ·.
Since the barn was to be disassembled, it was excavated and it was in a beautiful state that remained the same as then, so the impression of the boyhood revived and thought that "I would like to gather this more!", Desperately collected over ten years since then. "

"Such a collector said to his wife," Do you take a family? Will you take Kinkeshi? "
By the way ... Because there is also a double thing of the same thing, that you have more than 2099 bodies at home · · · "

How much would you appraise your collection at?

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