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Brain Mouse variant?

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#26 Molleking


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 10:25 AM

Just found out that it was bot3ro’s before Molleking. So you (bot3ro) had two Brain Mouses (Mice?) with irregularities!

It would be funny to learn that you’ve all owned this one at one time.

LOL, yup!

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#27 Beastformers


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 03:56 AM

There are a couple of things good to know;


1. It´s a figure that´s been around and known among some of us for a while.

YES, it does happen that errors are overlooked even, or maybe even especially, if you are so into the Beasts.

I´ve had it once with a Gruesome Gator that went to a fellow collector and afterwards finding out it had missing paint on the detail on its head.

Anyway it is not some recent find figure wise it are the details which are looked at a bit better now.

So this rules out it´s a recent JP find or whatever.


2. It comes from the same Mold (B)

To be honest I´d expected it to be a different one as it´d be more logic.


3. Bot3ro owned it before...

And even though this might look like the least interesting detail it is probably the clue we need.


From the Short eared Rabbit it is know that it comes from another factory causing some slight ¨imperfections¨ compared to the more mass produced common Rabbit and there´s a big chance we see something similar here. Although figure wise (so far?) we have had no solid evidence that the lower LB that were sold in the EU had their own molds we do know this was the case for their laserguns, referring to the two types of numbers found. With the Mouse coming from Bot3ro (Sweden) there´s a big chance it´s an EU released Mouse.


I checked my own Mice but I only had 3 around atm an A mold and two B molds but none showed irregularities to the ears so that´s not been of any help.

From now on it´d be good to keep an eye out on EU found lower LB to see if we can trace more details among any of the others as well confirming the idea that there was an extra EU mold around for the lower LB that were released in Europe. Again this would be in line with the laserguns of which we know this was the case but for the figures maybe due to very limited differences this has not been proven yet. This Mouse and the fact there´s one more around in Bot3ro´s possession if I understand correctly might be a good lead.


Don´t think there´s a completely different type of material used so that might´ve been the result of aging in a different way but again if we can prove there was a different factory in China producing for the EU it could be possible the material is slightly different as well. Bot3ro could you check yours as well to see if there´s a remarkable difference?


To be continued...

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#28 Jabroniville


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Posted 12 November 2018 - 04:12 AM

It's neat to find a variation this far into the line's existence! I checked my own Mice, but the only "Variation" I noticed was that the paint on my childhood figure is a lot more vibrant than the paint in the two-armed one I got in the past few years. I assume that's a LOT more common with ancient plastic figurines.

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#29 traderluke


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Posted 14 November 2018 - 07:06 AM

Maybe this is a weird thing to ask at this point, but would anyone here be willing to offer a trade for this unpainted eyes, small(ish) ears, Brain Mouse?

I really have no way to gauge a value, but as a fairly new laser beast collector, I currently have the first 12 and also have a Fennec and Fight Horn, but no other Laser Beasts.

Would anyone offer a trade of a laser beast that I don’t have? I know that normally any other beyond the ones I have would be more valuable, but figure maybe the uniqueness of this one offsets that difference.
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