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Battle Beast Charriots

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Posted 30 March 2024 - 09:10 AM

I just got one and I'm not sure but are the beasts supposed to fit inside?  Do they open?

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Posted 30 March 2024 - 01:08 PM

Can you be a bit more specific because this post is posted in the Beast Saga section but you´re mentioning the Battle Beasts Chariots?

So either the post is in the wrong section, in case it´s about the Battle Beasts, or you´ve named the Beast Saga Chariots, in which case I assume it´s concerning the Cube ones, as BB by mistake.


Either way I´ll try to answer both options briefly for you.


In case it´s about the Battle Beasts Chariots you have the Ram, Deer or Tiger Chariot and as you noticed it does have a little Ellipse like shape at the top. This is where you can place a Beast inside but it probably wont really fit if you try it as such this is because the Chariots consists out of two parts and there´s a little ¨bucket" which you´re able to push outside. So yes the BB Chariots open. Best way to do this is to place your finger inside the mentioned Ellipse shape and with your other hand hold the head/front side of the Chariot. Than you carefully push/pull with you finger that in the ellipse shape away from the Head, the little piece that has to slide out can be a little stuck or hard to move so you might need to do it with a little force. But this should result in the fact that the little bucket slides out of the Vehicle and comes loose. The area that´s now free is the space in which you can place the BB Figure and by placing the bucket piece back in place you can fit the BB inside. Hope it´s a little clear and works out for you. Another thing you might notice are the little Gray bars on both sides of the Chariot. The you can flip up or flip outside in which case they create a little frame on which you can fit another Beast (one on each side) because the handles that come up should fit underneath the arms of the Beasts allowing you to hang them on the side of the vehicle. 


In case of the Beast Saga Vehicles these are little Cubes and they have a very impressive fold out mechanism embedded so all you´d have to do there is to simply find the little colored square piece that you can find on the top side and push that. If it still functions as it should the whole vehicle will unfold itself in front of your eyes.


Hope this helps, let it know and send some pics along in case you´d meant a completely different vehicle ;)


Enjoy the Beasts!

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