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These silly little rubber Monsters hold a special place in my heart..

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#1 USP45


    Wet Behind The Ears

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Posted 01 February 2017 - 08:58 AM

I discovered them when I was about 6, and had many of them growing up. My dad and I would play for hours. Some got melted, lost, taped to bottle rockets, etc but only the 'extras' ha!

I forgot about them until I was about 15, when I found a bag of them in my folks attic. Several of them were figures I never even knew I had...turns out my mom thought certain ones were too grim/scary for a little kid so she separated them after buying a package, then threw them in a bag and put them in the attic.

Fast forward to college, I'm home and rooting through the closet. I found my collection and had a fun time checking them all out again. I realized I was still lacking a full set, so I hit up ebay and spent about $30 to acquire all of the ones I didn't have. They've followed me around the world. Some kid in Iraq has a yellow Karnak with my initials on the foot lol

Fast forward another decade, my son (7) finds my collection in the closet. He's awestruck. We have a ton of fun staging epic battles and target shooting at them with nerf guns, etc. My father is long gone but it brings back great memories to share the same fun with my own son a generation later :)

I've got a complete collection, nothing too exciting but a handful of semi rare ones like the 4 odd colored ones from the game board set. I'm working on completing a full set for him as well. I think I have 5 or 6 left.

I recently discovered this forum and thought I'd join and post. Nothing too exciting to share other than I was thrilled to see that these little guys had generated a following all these years later!

One thing though...who the hell came up with the ranking for these things? How is the Werewolf stronger than the Behemoth or the Rex, or the Chimera for that matter? (That was the nerdiest thing I've typed in a while)

Looking forward to browsing around here with you guys :)
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#2 Ghoulette


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 09:17 AM

I'm not sure how old I was, when my brother and I would play with his collection (I always had to have the green Medusa and red Vampiress). We'd make up our teams and rage epic battles in the hallway, sometimes mixing in Muscle Men for backup! 


The MIMP + Muscle Men battles would then evolve into Star Wars and GI Joes, Transformers, Pokemon, any collection we had, we'd mix them up and create a game which would last, days, months and years.


Sadly my brother has passed, and I'm now selling off both our collections to keep my head above water, and my heart has broken a bit more with every piece I've let go of. 


I did recently find a notebook with storylines and character guides he'd still write up, probably to pass the time while in hospital. 


Anything he's repainted, I will probably keep for myself, maybe even a figure of Prowl, who was always his favourite transformer. And who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to start a new collection, it won't be ours, but I'll still make sure to get that green Medusa, and red Vampiress


Sorry if I've put a damper on your thread, but reading about your memory with your dad triggered my own memories to flood through.

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#3 USP45


    Wet Behind The Ears

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:21 PM

Isn't it funny how something so trivial can stir such strong emotions? Hell I got teary eyed at the end of that cheesy new Magnificent Seven remake when the old theme song played...my dad loved the original movie, and I hadn't heard that song in about 20 years...

Thanks for sharing :)

I just re-read your post.

PM me your contact information and I will send you a red Vampiress :)
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