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My YAHOO! Groups for LRGs

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 10:11 AM

PVCfigs at YAHOO! Groups is for collectors of SOLID PVC figures, i.e. NON-jointed, and either painted or unpainted PCV figurines.
This group will never substitute for your LRG affiliation, much less your closet, shelves, drawers, kitchen, bath, basement, yard, bags, bins, boxes and, yes, even your conscious and dark, unconscious minds - here and there indeed are where your (mostly - for the sake of sanity?) UN_jointed, SOLID, NON- fast food collectibles, Snorks figurines, Disney, AstroSniks, Smurfs, Monchichi, Garfield, Pucca, Wendy, Bandai, TOMY, Teletubbies, Snoopy, Peanuts, PAPO, Schleich, California Raisin, Muppett, Asterix, Clown Around, Barbie, Care Bear, Cabbage Patch, Pac-man, Kirby, Bullyland, DiAgostini, Bully, Get Along Gang, Mario, Donkey Kong, Applause, Zelda, Strawberry Shortcake and other teeming masses of toy figures are stored - and stowed - and where your collection, like a benign, friendly magic mushroom grows. BUT:....You have heard about AA? well, here you will find the occasional kindred spirit and/or spry collector and cyberspace Figure FANATIC who has come out of the flea market, yard sale and toy show closet to hobnob with the >>>>SMALL, under seven inch, SOLID PVC<<<< figure intelligensia. You KNOW you can't... help... yourself.... Join us, O Kindred Kollektor, and get the validation you may not have ever known you ever needed! WAKE UP and SMELL the VINYL: Schleich, PAPO, Mego, Dakin, Yukata, Bully Bullyland, gashapon, ganz, Sendak, Disney Hello Kitty!<br style="font-family: georgia, 'times new roman', serif; font-size: 13px; ">Hey! You KIDS! Move along, there's nothing for you here.... move along....NO FAST FOOD COLLECTIBES ALOUD! This is for the SMALL, SOLID FIGURE FOLKS, not BATTLE BEASTS!! NO JOINTED LIMBS ALLOWED! the jointed, so-called ''action'' figures! These are small, SOLID, NON-movables! Thanks! (Applause)... OH: PVC Ornament (Hallmark, etc. )& Key Ring figures okay!

The rubberfigs group at YAHOO! is dedicated (emphasis on the 'ded'!) to amassing a copy of every squishy, really RUBBERY figure EVER MADE:
. . . Admit it: you love the look - the solid, yet liquid feel - the smell - the colors - the spongy, yielding, yet unyielding feel - the feel - the charm - the icky, gooey tactile FEEL of rubber figures. You got them (and still get them, don't you?) betimes from SQUISHIES gumball machines, as premiums from the dentist, as jigglers from the carnival or county fair, from auntie, Gramma or Grampa who in turn copped them from a variety, sundry or from a drug, grocery or dime store, as souvenirs from long-ago Mom & Pop stands in swamps or deserts once dotting old United States highways.... YOU ARE LIKE US: You really, truly, overtly or secretly - LIKE - yea, CRAVE rubber figures enough to desire them, hunt them, buy them, collect them, chew on them(?) and even display them. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Join RA: Rubberfigs Anonymous; we are a synonymous group - codependents we may be but we have gooshie, squeezy, spongy, squigglie plump, stretchy, gummy, flexie and rubbery thingies in common! KEY SEARCH WORDS: MArx Ideal Lincoln jiggler latex Ben Cooper Little Rubber Guys gummi Wolfgang Schloebl berrie Cal-Theme Bel-Art Boglin PECO monster in my pocket m.u.s.c.l.e. GUMBALL Norman Saunders Basil Wolverton zoomania seamania toppers uglies Goldfarb Gooky Screamies AHI Azrak Hamway Vic's johnson smith what can you add? JOIN
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Posted 17 September 2012 - 06:06 AM

There are still Yahoo groups? :unsure:
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