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What is the "STRANGE MONSTERS!" project...?

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Posted 29 November 2014 - 11:52 AM

Well over a year ago thanks to BigMantoys working with me on the critter toy and sharing it with his friends i was approached by Unbox about a yet unnamed project(still in the works). To be given a chance to create a toy for factory production by a very well known and loved company was incredible. In the midst of working on that project i suggested another separate idea that was embraced by Unbox and that is where STRANGE MONSTERS began. The core of the project being that four indie toy people were all given the green light to each create a mini-figure with the only rule being make the best monster you possibly can. No concerns at all with keeping the molding simple or making the different monsters fit perfectly together with each other. It was wide open for all of us to just make whatever crazy monster we could imagine. We all ran with the idea of a monster that could destroy a city fighting another one of the monsters. That is where this project began and now after well over a year of designing and sculpting and working with the incredible Unbox team we are now only weeks away from an actual release.


Each monster will be rotocast in very high quality soft vinyl. The amount of pieces required to make each individual monster are different so they will not all be priced the same. Unbox has always kept prices for toy fans as low as they possibly can so these will be very affordable compared to similar vinyl toys with multiple parts and complicated construction. Three out of the four figures were sculpted by hand with the last being a digital sculpt. We are all very happy to be a part of such a fun project and excited that the four creatures can fit together as a set if people wish to collect them all but will each have their own mold so we can do our own different colors and runs for individual sales rather then being stuck in sets of the exact same colors. This way people can pick and choose what figures they want in whatever colors we each make rather then being forced to buy full sets. Plus being done in vinyl means we can eventually do painted versions or team up with some other people and get them to go wild on our toys. We can even do small runs in cool exclusive vinyl colors to release with other indie toy friends of ours. The possibilities seem infinite. 


It's been amazing working with Unbox. Getting to do it alongside two good toys friends made it even better. Jkaris was kind enough to make a subforum here for our new line so we can easily share everything with all of you and show off our individual toys in our own threads while keeping everything easy to find.

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