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Greek Battle Beasts The Rare Ones!

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#1 Grencats


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Posted 06 July 2018 - 05:00 PM

Hi everyone. I have not been on the forum for a while. I keep seeing Greek Battle Beasts showing up and was wondering if anyone was able to complete a full set yet. I know the more popular ones are the fancy color versions and of course the black ones but have we decided which mold of each color are the most hard to get yet? It seems like pricing is all over the place and it's hard for new collectors to feel confident with a purchase. I know more collectors would love to buy Greek Battle Beasts so I thought we should talk about them some more. I have seen the green carp sell on auction for several hundred dollars. The pink elephant is also very rare as well as the purple rabbit. The blue pink and purple guys are very pricey. Seems to me there are a few rare silver pieces too. The porcupine guy seems quite rare. Some of the color materials are very delicate and although the giraffe shows up a lot certain colors always have broken horns. Anyways feel free to share your opinions about this topic.
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#2 Beastformers


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Posted 08 July 2018 - 02:59 PM

Think a lot of your questions are explained here: https://beastformers...c/tepato-maxoi/

Or at least it´d be a helpful read to get an understanding of the ¨rarity¨ of certain colors.


It´s not said that every Beasts is easy to find within the common colors so even there you´ll find that building a color master set of 28 different figures ain´t an easy target to achieve. Some Beasts seem to be more around in the ¨rare¨ colors whereas they might be harder to find in the common colors. So there are some main guidelines but those aren´t always guiding... Over time we´ve learned a lot about them, luckily so we´ve passed the point of considering them being rare prototypes, but there are still a couple of uncertainties.


As far as I know there´s no one out there who has managed to complete a full master set of 28 x 8 = 224 GBB yet. There are a few people close and in Greece there´s a collector who´s only 10 or so short but overall it ain´t an easy journey and it also depends on how strict you are in accepting slight color/shade differences in order to complete figs.


When it comes to pricing on the GBB it´s really a shot in the dark and that´s most what happens when Greek sellers list on Ebay, they just charge insane prices based on ........ whatever in the hope someone purchases it. They´ve a huge advantage over us collectors from outside Greece so they´re also controlling prices in a certain way. I know they´ve been (misusing) my personal quest for the Pink Rabbit, which is a public secret by now, and listed one under the header ¨HOLY GRAIL¨ a while ago and I believe it sold for a couple of hundreds. There are a couple more stories like that around and they´re just using those to get the most out of their figs. I don´t think that´s always fair but as long as people buy them at those rates they´ll keep trying. Sometimes there are more acceptable listings out there though so you´ve to stay patient but in case you do want to go after some harder to get colors or figures there´s a chance there´s more competition because there´s still a few GBB collectors hunting for Beasts in order to get closer to that ultimate goal a GBB master set. I´m not sure if anyone will ever reach it in a condition that´s acceptable to also consider it a full 224 figure master set since there´s a lot of variables.


Collecting GBB is a completely different thing.... much more a challenge and often very frustrating but that´s my own experience ;)

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#3 Shadow Bat

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Posted 16 July 2018 - 04:12 PM

The rhino, buffalo, boar and elephant are the ones most commonly found with the wrong arms making it a bit harder to come by them with their normal arms.

As far as color rarity, purple seems to be the hardest to come by. It has been argued that the purple might have been a result of a change in plastic suppliers and replaced the pink towards the end of the run but this has been neither confirmed nor dis-proven.

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