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Laser Beast weapon variants and/or fakes?

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#1 AndrewLyall


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Posted 08 May 2024 - 12:42 PM



I recently purchased a collection of Battle/Laser Beasts. Some of the LB weapons are doubles of what I already have, but look different.


The Condorassin weapon I already had was gray-ish, but the new one is more silver-ish. Is this just a variant? Both can be bent slightly.


Attached File  _DSK8735pp.JPG   103.64K   1 downloads

Attached File  _DSK8736pp.JPG   103.48K   1 downloads


Also, the Anarchy weapon has the number in a different place. I understand there are such variants for the 1st 12 LBs. Is there any info on which variant is rarer? I am trying to decide which to keep and which to sell.


Attached File  _DSK8737pp.JPG   94.99K   0 downloads


Thank you!

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#2 jkaris


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Posted 26 May 2024 - 07:51 AM

There is some info here about them:



It was a big topic years ago. There are high quality 3rd party reproductions out there.

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#3 Beastformers


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Posted 27 May 2024 - 06:08 AM

Apart from the difference in color on the Condorassin lasergun, which is most likely more obvious in person than how it comes out on the picture, I don´t really see anything wrong with it given the fact that the quality seem to be pretty solid (based on the pictures) and you mention that they both can be slightly bent. This is in line with what you´d expect from the original laserguns. The topic Jkaris is referring to is regarding a lot of fake Chinese made LB weapons and even though on the pictures those weapons seem to look quite ok, in detail side by side you´d definitely have seen the quality differences and as far as I can remember of those is that they were less flexible in comparison to the original weapons. So what remains is the color difference. The explanation for this can be related to for instance the fact that they´ve been produced during another production run, this is something that can already cause minor color differences. Or maybe it´s something to do with how they´ve been stored over time and external influences might´ve affected the color a little in a way.

Any chance the collection you purchased came from another country/continent from where you are? If so the chances of it being from another production run increase a lot. Either way pretty sure that based on the pictures those are legit so it comes down to your personal taste if you´d like to select some to sell.


When it comes to the Anarchy weapon this might be an interesting post, on the Beastformers Blog, to read that might help you out;



Sorry for the late response, haven´t been checking here regularly the past period.

If you´ve an additional questions feel free to ask or just reach out.


Enjoy the Beasts!

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#4 AndrewLyall


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Posted 29 May 2024 - 07:35 PM

jkaris: Thank you for the link to that photo! To me, the weapons in the photo look really different than any of the ones I have. So I feel more confident that mine are authentic.


Beastformers: The more silvery weapons came from a large lot of Beasts that I got from Japan: https://buyee.jp/mer...em/m41774424125


Thank you for the link and the information!


Thanks again to both of you :D

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