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Variant turtle.... or something far more sinister

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Posted 23 April 2017 - 02:49 PM

I present to you a turtle won in a recent eBay auction lot. This turtle felt immediately different. Proportions, material, markings, and weight seemed correct, but the color and "newness" seemed off. Further discovery showed that instead of a black rubber base of most battle beast turtles I know and love, this turtle's base color is orange. Also, the figure is immaculate.

Attached File  IMG_3868.JPG   89.1K   11 downloads
"Variant" on the left. He came with that sticker as well. Another eyebrow raiser.

Attached File  IMG_3869.JPG   83.82K   13 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3870.JPG   71.5K   8 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3871.JPG   83.73K   12 downloads

Attached File  IMG_3872.JPG   102.71K   11 downloads
I put the variant and another turtle claw to claw. Each had very slight wear, but you can see the claw showing orange beneath the variant and black beneath the original.

Looking forward to any thoughts on this (cough cough Beastformers)
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Posted 23 April 2017 - 03:15 PM

Just a quick reply from my end since this is a known ¨Variant¨ already although the reason or origin of it might be a bit more strange and unique than what we´ve always thought. On the last part I can´t add a whole lot more since we´re still checking some facts in order to get our thoughts and assumptions verified amongst some members of the Beastformers Archaeology team but so far things seem to line up well.


As far as this Turtle goes though it looks like you´ve find the so called ¨Orange Plastic¨ variant of the Turtle which is besides the maybe more known/chased ¨variant¨ the ¨Full Shell¨ Tortoise another variation that´s found amongst the Turtles. The strange feel and look is completely caused by the fact that unlike the other normal figure you have beside it this figure is fully cast in the Orange base layer whereas the normal one is cast in black. This means that when you see some damage on the skin of the Orange variant you´ll see the Orange coming through the Black parts (skin color tone painted over the Orange base layer) whereas with the normal Tortoise you´ll see the exact opposite with on places where the Orange armor color is a bit damage you see the Black base layer coming through (armor color tone is painted over the Black body base layer).


In almost ALL cases of the BB and LB they´re cast in their body color, which formed the base, and it was the armor that was painted but in some unique cases like this ¨Orange Plastic¨ Tortoise it was the Armor color that was used for the base color instead of the skin tone color.


All of this, different base (most likely a slightly different material composition), causes the figure to feel a bit strange compared to the normal one.


That´s all I can say about it for now, it´s not the most unique ¨Variant¨ of the Tortoise though since it looks like the Full Shell Tortoise is still a bit harder to find compared to this one. Hopefully we´ll be able to share a bit more of this strange choice for the base color soon!


ADDITION: ps. The Strange sticker you´re referring to isn´t that weird since it´s the later released color rubsign but it´s damaged in such a way that the heath activated top layer (the layer that´s normally covering the symbol and which is black unless its activated) has come of meaning that the symbol is now openly visible. So it´s just a damaged rubsign...


Oh and I noticed that after the last change of layout of the Beastformers Blog, a long time ago, the Variant page wasn´t moved into the menu meaning it´s impossible to find without the absence of navigation but it´s still on there:https://beastformers...tlegs/variants/ There the Orange Plastic variant was also shown although it´s not very clear. Due to the research we´re doing about the Variants I decided to hold this page out of the menu until we´ve the origin of most of them solved to prevent updating this page endlessly, it´s gotta be good first. (Still missing a few ¨variants¨ on the linked page as well obviously).

Edited by Beastformers, 23 April 2017 - 04:01 PM.

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Posted 24 April 2017 - 11:57 AM

I think the orange Tortoise came mostly (or only) with the bandolier.

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Posted 25 April 2017 - 10:14 AM

The orange gorilla also has that orange base plastic going on.  I got my tortoise from a seller in Greece while using the ebay terms, "animal robot" for $5.

Speaking of the tortoise variants, somebody should cast the fullback tortoise in orange. 

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