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Custom Beast

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#1 Exactobeast


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Posted 14 June 2017 - 11:26 AM

Well, as some of you know (I think nearly 30), Optimusdrizzt won my forever yes contest, thereby also winning a custom creation of his own.   I had thrown up some random details on his forever yes contest, but thought I'd put something up here as well to be a little more thorough. 


First step was ideas.  I threw a pile of parts to Optimus and asked it he had any thoughts of his own.

Attached File  IMG_3878.JPG   80.93K   15 downloads



First thing that popped into his mind, being a Star Wars fan, was...

Attached File  4B88B0D0-C341-42C1-A82E-81354F7669C3.JPG   81.25K   9 downloads





We decided to run with it a little so I started throwing the pig head on various body configurations.  Just checking here to see what felt like it worked together.

Attached File  IMG_3886.JPG   58.43K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3887.JPG   58.97K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3888.JPG   51.03K   2 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3889.JPG   51.08K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3890.JPG   57.23K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3891.JPG   65.16K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_3892.JPG   71.11K   2 downloads

Some torsos I was just holding over others to get a sense of what it might look like.  I usually don't cut things up until I have a basic idea of where I want to put them. 


At this point, Optimus put some of these up on his thread for opinions.  Some suggested 3 heads (you monsters).  Some suggested the penguin body (which was more original thought, but the proportions just felt wrong). 


After measuring everything out, I was leaning towards the Ox body.  It just felt right.  I even liked the Ox arms as they matched the concept the most, which is something I don't often find (same arms and torso! nooooooo!).  I asked Optimus his thoughts.  He agreed and then it was off to the races. 


First I gathered everything I thought I'd need.

Attached File  IMG_4006 (2).JPG   42.2K   4 downloads



Then the rough head attachment.

Attached File  IMG_4007.JPG   48.79K   5 downloads



Then the adjusting to make the head fit properly.

Attached File  IMG_4008.JPG   52.04K   4 downloads



Then let's open that mouth and say hello.

Attached File  IMG_4009.JPG   50.82K   2 downloads




Then to work on the arms.  I liked the Ox arms best , but they still needed some adjustments.  I cut off the frog shoulder pads and sanded them to fit onto the ox arms.

Attached File  IMG_4011.JPG   34.38K   1 downloadsAttached File  IMG_4010.JPG   41.01K   1 downloads




Then I put it together and worked on the head.  I removed the ears, which I hadn't yet thought to remove.  The horns were tough and you can see in my pig pile I wasn't really certain what would work.  I eventually used Bison horns for the head and the tips of some Russian horns for teeth (it was tough finding the right size and proportion).  I had a few ideas for the head piece as well.  I debated a horse head piece that would wrap around, but it felt like too much.  I tried a few others, but they mostly felt blunt and didn't imitate the look very well. I finally settled on the Tortoise head topper, which is only in the center of the head, but felt like it established the look and gave me the best angles.

Attached File  IMG_4096.JPG   60.97K   1 downloads




Then to painting.  Base coat black.

Attached File  IMG_4098.JPG   49.68K   1 downloads




Then the armor and skin.

Attached File  IMG_4130.JPG   67.44K   2 downloads





Then, I black washed everything and added the finishing details.

Attached File  C020B10E-C68F-4600-87DF-0989141CE694.JPG   167.16K   3 downloadsAttached File  IMG_4150.JPG   70.04K   2 downloads

I put it a quick shot of the back to point out the tail.  I just wanted to add a little curly cue tail.




All in all, I think it came out fairly well.  It's not the most fantastical idea, but I tried to counteract that with some more technically challenging elements such as opening the mouth, adding the shoulder pads, and adding the little details such as the tail. 




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#2 Trench


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Posted 14 June 2017 - 01:28 PM

Nice! You definitely know your way around these guys. As If the mass thread filled with marvelous creations wasn't proof enough. I have dreams of a pig custom army but getting a single pig is hard enough.
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#3 Spiritcrusher


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Posted 14 June 2017 - 05:07 PM

Nice, came out good
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#4 Draznar



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Posted 14 June 2017 - 06:25 PM

Hell yeah, buddy! As always, great work!

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