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Collecting Battle Beasts; The step from Battle Beasts to Laser Beasts

Beastformers Blog Battle Beasts Laser Beasts

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#1 Beastformers


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Posted 26 May 2019 - 02:52 PM



As a Battle Beasts fan, collector, addict for the past few years I´ve grown into the Laser Beasts gradually like most of us have done or might do in the future but going from collecting Battle Beasts to collecting Laser Beasts has proven to be a big step. But even IF you´d decide to make the step into collecting them is it today actually still realistic to start collecting them with the idea of being able to complete a full original 112 set? This question and why the step from Battle Beasts to Laser Beasts collecting is so big is shared in a new post on the Beastformers Blog.


Go and have a look by clicking on the image above.


And share your thoughts in this topic to see if you have/had similar experiences and whether you think it´s still realistic to complete a full set if you´d start collecting today?


It might be a bit of a sad conclusion but it might be the harsh reality of Battle Beasts collecting but despite all that...


Enjoy the Beasts! Because luckily they are still around so who knows what happens.



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#2 Jabroniville


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Posted 04 June 2019 - 11:14 PM

I would have loved to have a complete set, but the cost was ridonkulous. A single figure cost about $180 on eBay. Add up the whole list, and that would cost as much as say, two big vacations to Disney World. I mean... I love some of these guys, but I'd rather go on vacation, you know?

Ultimately, I collected the "First Twelve", as they only cost about $15-30 each, and called it a day. I can't justify the prices of any of the figures, as much as I love the Dragon and other guys.

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#3 ZebraLegion


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Posted 05 June 2019 - 05:41 AM

I am sort of on the fence about going after all 112.  I have all the lower 12 and, thanks to you Beastformers, I have my first middle 12 on its way shortly!


I have only been checking eBay for the last few months for Laser Beasts, but there's several middle and high 12's I have never seen listed.  I don't do the Yahoo Japan bidding.  I am trying to save money if something reasonable pops up, but I am content with my collection the way it is.  I think it's realistic, for me, to go after as many middle 12's as I can get over the next few years.  


As Jabroniville said, some of these figures cost is just wild.  I totally agree that I would rather spend money on a vacation than a (admittedly awesome!) 2" action figure.  It's hard to justify the costs.


I grabbed 25 chocolate colored reproduction laser weapons from a Russian seller on ebay because there is no way I can justify the cost of the complete figures.  I'd rather have the And I have seen the occasional repro chargers/sleds for sale on ebay.  I might grab a handful of those, too.  


I still hold out hope I will wander into a garage sale or goodwill and find a complete collection of mint lasers with weapons, shields, sleds, etc!

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