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Mordles (2013)

Mordles Toyfinity

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 02:03 PM


What are they?

Mordles started life as part of the 1980s toyline Rocks & Bugs & Things. Essentially companions/food for the aforementioned rocks and bugs, the tiny Mordle figures very quickly became the breakout stars of the line. These days, original Mordles will cost the determined collector north of $20 a figure. That's a lot of money for a 1 inch toy.

Almost three decades later, indie toy company Toyfinity has managed to acquire the rights to reissue Mordles. And reissue them they have! In full sets of TEN Mordles:


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You could play checkers with these guys



The yellow and blue Mordles are the first releases in the rebooted Mordle line. Here's what I think.


What's Good
These are really faithful reproductions of the original Mordles. If you're a Mordles fan, I don't see how you won't like these. And if you're not a fan, you'll probably still appreciate the quality of these little fellas.
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This pic isn't blurry; you're just drunk


In fact, these are probably better than the originals. The original Mordles lacked paint apps on the toenails and had a copyright stamp. These new versions have painted toes and no copyright info, and in my opinion they look all the smarter for it. If you didn't know, you would probably never guess that this is a 30 year old toy, because with its clean lines, your Mordle will sit quite happily alongside modern designer stuff.
Best of all, the price. Full sets of 10 Mordles are retailing for just $12, which represents excellent value for money and should put them firmly within range of most collectors.
What's Not So Good
It's hard to say much negative about these. Bringing Mordles back has obviously been a real labour of love for Toyfinity's DoctorKent.
If I was going to nitpick I'd be wondering where the line goes in future. Mordles are not the most varied toys in the world. Releasing the original 10 sculpts in numerous different colours is going to give this line a limited shelf life. I'd love to see brand new Mordles sculpts appearing before too long!
Then of course, there's the international postage... (see below)
Where to Buy
Toyfinity is selling these themselves:
Important note for international buyers: The international postage option is rather expensive. For instance, shipping a single $12 set of Mordles to the UK is quoted at $35! I strongly recommend that you find yourself a trustworthy trading partner among our American LRG contingent. They'll be able to get your toys shipped to you for much less.
FINAL RATING: 82% - A very welcome re-release


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 07:14 PM


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