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Series 3 in the UK

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    Wet Behind The Ears

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 02:41 PM

Hello all! I have Seen a few places here (and wikipedia) that it is said that series 3 was not released in the UK. I just wanted to sign up and say that it was. I bought 8 of them in a box set from a (discount I Think) toy shop in the late eighties as a child. And I still own them!

I didn't know if this was common knowledge and I am making a newbie mistake or if it was new info for you guys.

Anyway, love all the information, I had so little as a child growing up. My parents died 2 years ago and I packed all my childhood belongings in storage along with my rediscovered battle beasts! I had the first series completely, those 8 and a load of the shadow laser guys. I bought most of them cheap from the local ASDA (Walmart type place) when they were selling them off!

Thanks for the site... It's been a lovely trip down memory lane.

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 05:31 PM

There have been a few strange finds of ¨wrong/unexpected¨ packaging showing up in countries where you wouldn´t expect it based upon the releases known. As there´ve been some single carded LB found in the US and the UK of which none really knew if they were actually sold there or if they were prototypes that weren´t really sold. But if this is true and can be confirmed it more and more starts to look as if Hasbro, via MB in the EU, might´ve done a few ¨test¨ (?) sales of this type of packaging with a limited amount and during a very short period of time in the UK maybe even via a limited or selected few shops in order to see how they´d do on the market. In that case it might not be that strange they turned up in the Sales section even because it might´ve been a limited amount that never really hit the shelves when planned but they came out when the line was about to die resulting in these select finds. Without the packaging its really hard to tell and as with the other strange finds I referred to its just really hard to get a real confirmation about how they´re released simply because of the fact its all based upon mainly single finds and experiences of which the true origin is hard to get confirmed for 100%. 


Although there´s a lot known about the Beasts things like these still show up and with the Beastformers Archaeology Project we´ve been trying to look into the exact releases of each Series for the various countries but for almost all of the EU countries this was/is very hard to get clear mainly due to the fact that there even seem to have been releases of Beasts for specific regions in some countries making things even harder to get verified. This might also be the case here but without further details it is hard to get the facts straight....


Hope you´re able to bring in some more details maybe via pics of the original box if you still have it around or in the worst case of detailed shots of the figs and in specific the backside (mold markings) and feet areas (company name + number) in order to see if these might show some distinction via the used molds but I´m afraid there´ll be not a lot of differences there.


Thanks for sharing!

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Posted 16 August 2016 - 12:08 AM

What else did you find in your childhood storage box pal? I'm in the UK too and am always interested in a variety of lines.
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#4 UKS


    Wet Behind The Ears

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Posted 16 August 2016 - 06:36 AM

I kept everything from childhood but alas none of it is leaving me till I go to the great storage box in the sky!


I had a LOT of MUSCLES but none that seem to be on the rare side from you guys guide - All pink and again 99% all bought in sales. Loose. All the original Star Wars stuff, (including the last range of figures - that again I picked up from ASDA cheap!), lots of old Action Force/GI Joe, Manta Force and Red Venom, lots of Action Man. (Mainly hand me downs from the 70's) Visionaires, and those rubbish Super Naturals. (Bought all the main figures... discounted at ASDA!) Robo Machines, lots of Britains soldiers, and Airfix stuff. Lots of Games Workshop/Citadel Lead. A little A-Team. 


Oh yes, Transformers. A lot of them and I organised them separately. I've been buying those up on the collectables scene for the last few years anyway.


I tried to mostly sort it when I packed it all up. But still a bit mixed up. 

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