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Fistful of Power Renaissance Project

fop revival moose fistful of power

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#1 EmperorXar


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Posted 29 April 2020 - 01:53 AM

Hello! Although I re-registered recently, I'm a huge fan of this forum and as a die-hard fan of Fistful of Power, I consider it a gold mine. I lost my previous account register keys so here I am again.


Anyway, I've been a fan and collector of the FoP series since its beginning, and I've also visited all fan communities and groups about them. What I've seen is people wanting the series 3 to come back but no one decided to bring Fistful of Power back to life. 


I'm going to try my best to revive the series because I love FoP, the concept, the designs, and the unexploited potential surrounding it. It just feels like there could've been something more, that it deserved a lot more and was left for dead for no reason. Or at least, it could have been given one more opportunity.


However, I can't promise I'll be successful or even constant enough with this project in case I don't get sufficient support or progress, because despite this project is founded on illusion and passion, it can only be sustained just like any other business.


For all these reasons, I have conceived what I like to call a "Renaissance Project" for this series. This implies not only a new, more honorable end for the series but also a new beginning - a retelling of the History of Scar and its inhabitants. Note that although I deeply respect and appreciate the original work and designs as created by Craig Bruyn, the mind behind FoP, I think this series will need a deeper and reshaped background. Anyway, I'll explain these things as the project advances.


Project Planning


The scheme I have in mind for the Renaissance Project is made of the following stages:


  1. Project Manifesto & The FoP Reddit
  2. Fistful of Power Website revival & redesign
  3. FoP Novels Decalogy
  4. FoP Tabletop Gameplay Redesign
  5. FoP Videogame/s
  6. Fistful of Power figures relaunch (Series 3 onwards)
  7. Fistful of Power merchandising


I know some will say this is unlikely to become true or achieve any sort of success - they're right, and yet I'll try. I'm a one-man company, alone in this project right now, and thus I'll have a hard time moving through the stages, but if I use some help this will be easier - otherwise, I can't grant the project to develop further from this manifesto. However, in case it fails, I'll keep on creating FoP media, and although the second, sixth and seventh stages won't be possible, I'll do my best to complete the other four.


So, what's the help I'm asking for? This is the first stage today, and I've already created a Reddit community for the FoP series. I've been posting some of the archived resources from the original FoP website for a while. But please, post whatever you feel like - always related to FoP and no other toy series - or even use it as a trading/buying/selling platform for the figurines themself. So I'm asking you to join the community if you love the FoP series as much as I do. I'll give you the URL below, thanks for your time.




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#2 FOP


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Posted 29 April 2020 - 05:29 AM

Hey there,


It was a pleasure to read your post. To be honest, I was actually thrilled to see something like this pop up. I've also been a die-hard fan of Fistful of Power from the beginning. I can still vividly remember opening my first two pack as a kid. The first two characters I pulled were Chogotai and Maneta! Good times... I guess the obsession never really died for me.


I have to agree with you. It does feel like there could've been something more and I wish that was the case! I really do. I've had a few discussions with people on here about the possibilities for regions, where the lore could have gone, what 'The One' would've looked like etc... So much room for growth. 


Sadly, I'm not sure if it was left for dead for no reason. I remember seeing packs upon packs of Series 2 that remained unsold at local stores. I can only assume the worldwide sales weren't great. I'm not too sure though.

Anyway, it was depressing to see this incredible line seemingly disappear overnight and be forgotten about. In my opinion, it was an iconic series and I loved everything about it. I can't believe how fast the years have flew by. 


I'm not sure if I could be of any help, but I am a massive fan and have a lot of knowledge about FOP. I appreciate what you're doing and would love to see something take off. If Series 3 was ever somehow miraculously released, I'd probably spend a few grand (not even joking). I wish I could see that happening, but if I'm being honest - I have my doubts. These days, toys are... A little simpler.. Something that I'd personally love to see would be Craig starting a kickstarter for something FOP related. Releasing two or three new sculpts would be a dream come true. 


Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat about anything!





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#3 trumanshower


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Posted 29 April 2020 - 03:30 PM

would very had loved to see the design of the "series 3 the uprising" figure's. the only one I know is Strawk (winner of a drawing contest), but i'm convinced the work was advenced enough and at least the drawings were existing, maybe some sculpts too.


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Posted 30 April 2020 - 03:46 AM

Also a big fan of FOP, and anything relating a revival - no matter how big or small - has my full support! Keep up the work man, if you wanna bounce any ideas around feel free to send through a message :)
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