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MIMP Cards & Stickers

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Admittedly, I don't know a lot about this line and didn't have many as a kid, but I don't ever remember cards coming with the figures or buying any trading card packs. Nonetheless I found these when going through my trading card collection recently and thought I should at least let you all know about them.

Any desire for these cards? If their value is mostly negligible, which I suspect it might be, I'd be willing to send them to a welcoming colector's home for the cost of postage. If not, here are some decent quality scans of the cards I found for information and artwork purposes that, which probably already exists somewhere else that I don't know about. :lol:

Attached File  Cards_MIMP-A-Front.jpg   430.18K   64 downloads Attached File  Cards_MIMP-A-Back.jpg   411.93K   66 downloads
Attached File  Cards_MIMP-B-Front.jpg   251.28K   43 downloads Attached File  Cards_MIMP-B-Back.jpg   227.96K   27 downloads

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There's not much demand for them, but these cards are excellent. I love the artwork.

Good even distribution too, I bought a box off eBay a while ago and got about four complete sets.
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The MIMP cards were sold at the 7-11's in my area. I had a bunch of them but they were in horrible condition. Really cool cards and the stories were fun. Even if most turned out to be bogus.
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As a teen a friend of mine bought a box of those - I really loved them. I was a wee too old to play and buy MIMP (I was only into Star Wars toys) but those card did come handy as we where making a Friday the 13th fanzine.

For a special issue we sealed the fanzine in a sandwich sealer and added a card to it, since he had so much extras from the box ;)

Never saw the sticker do, they're fun as well.

If you're stuck with them Bachamn make me a sign, we could work a trade or something ;)
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I have a bunch of these MIMP cards and stickers. I use to get them at Woolco in Canada. I never saw the toys, just the cards.

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