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Buried Treasure!

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Posted 30 June 2019 - 08:30 PM

I just returned from a trip to my parents house, and came across some pretty interesting gems!
Some were remembered, but missing, others were totally forgotten.
Kind of debated on if I should keep these finds in a single "look what I found!" post.
But, since they are all from separate collections, it seemed better to split them into the appropriate topics.

I never had much luck finding MiMP where I lived as a kid, only ever got maybe three 4-packs.
But, I came across this "Limited Edition" at KB Toys and was super excited to get them all in one punch.
I kept them under my parents bed before I had my own room, and then lost track when a lot of my toys were put in storage.
During this last trip home, after decades of wanting to finally find my old stuff, I started pulling it all out and cataloguing it to start selling/keeping things.
But, these MiMP were nowhere to be found!
I figured they were lost forever, and then this faint memory popped into my head, that seemed way too crazy to be true:
As a stupid child, I decided "oh these have always been under a bed, so I'll keep them under *my* bed now".
My bed, which had about 3.5" of clearance from the floor. Great decision, kid.
So there they remained for like 20 years, until I reached under my bed past all the dead bug and dust and fished them out.
It took and hour to clean them up, and I seem to have been too young to read the numbers on their feet, so some were smashed into the wrong slots.
Once I got it all straightened out, 2 were missing. Over the years I had found a small assortment of what I assume were the survivors from the loose packs.
But, amongst those, I did not find the 2 missing dudes (#12 Jotun Troll and #48 Hunchback).
So the 2 you see in these photos, I just grabbed off eBay because the holes were driving my OCD off the charts.
But, the Hunchback is the wrong green.

If anyone wants to trade for a classic green Hunchback I have an extra:

44 Witch Purple

38 Phantom Purple

46 Invisible Man Purple

45 Spring-Heeled Jack Red

46 Invisible Man Red

46 Invisible Man Yellow
57 Skeleton Yellow
41 Mummy Yellow
42 Charon Yellow

Maybe it's not worth even completing the set properly.
I doubt these are even worth much since they don't have the outer box that held them together (I don't know why I decided not to keep that).
Also, the box/trays are in OK condition, no major flaws, but certainly some age (discoloration and dents) on the cardboard.
Still, for whatever reason I very rarely see these particular volcano sets. Wonder why that might be?

Anyway, not bad for literally having a whole army of monsters under my bed for years  :crazy:

Hope you enjoy the photos!






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